About Saving American Energy

At the behest of the radical climate agenda, Joe Biden and the Democrat Party have targeted American oil and gas for extinction.  Republican Nominee for Congress in Houston, Wesley Hunt will be the tip of the spear for the U.S. Energy Industry. Hunt’s team will show how petrochemicals are responsible for the everyday products American consumers use, how a future with EV vehicles is only possible because of natural gas and coal powered grids, and how the oil and gas industry has innovated in the private sector to reduce America’s carbon footprint. 


Saving American Energy will feature Wesley Hunt, leaders, spokespeople, engineers, and the hard-working employees of American Energy passionately defending an industry we cannot live without.  American Energy Independence can be achieved again if we’re willing to confront reality, have real conversations, and tell the truth about the oil and gas industry.  The future is not energy transition, its energy addition.  To power the nation and the world, we need American oil and gas along with an all-hands-on-deck approach to add other forms of energy production..  Saving American Energy will tell that story.